"We have come to depend on Direct Hit for many uses. The repair trac system is among the best I have used for finding repairs or confirming diagnostics. The TSB's are invaluable. The maintenance schedules are a great informational tool for us and our customers. They are much more appealing to the eye for our customers than just a black and white print out. We will continue to use this system as long as we're in business."

Ronnie Glenn
The Auto Clinic.
Denton, TX
"CARQUEST Direct-Hit has become an essential component of the way we diagnose & a repair many of the vehicles we service today. The new Supercharged Search now helps locate diagnostic information and fixes faster than ever before. Our technicians have embraced this service far quicker than anything else we have introduced to the shop. The maintenance schedules also allow our service managers & technicians to catch all necessary service work. CARQUEST Direct-Hit is an indispensable tool for all service & repair facilities wishing to stay ahead of this ever changing industry"

John Sawatsky | 2006 CARQUEST Excellence Award Winner
MSJ Automotive Services Ltd.
TECH-NET Professional Auto Service
Windsor, ON

"I tell people about CARQUEST Direct-Hit all the time. I use it from the, get-go, when a car first pulls into the shop before anything else. Most times I can get right down to some good answers. CARQUEST Direct-Hit gives our shop added credibility with preventive maintenance, reliability reports, recalls, and with other bulletins and articles. When I can tell my customers about potential problems to keep an eye out for, it gives them a sense of well being. The preventive maintenance plan helps us prevent those slow times. Being able to give our customers the preventive maintenance information is a big plus.”

Greg Epsaro | 2006 TECH-NET Professional Auto Service/ASE Technician of the Year
TECH-NET Professional Auto Service
Harriman, NY