Sales and Marketing Office

3058 E. Sunset Road, Suite 113
Las Vegas, NV 89120

Vice President of Sales
Lorie Sharp lsharp@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2061
Director of Marketing
Matt Cascarino mcascarino@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x3028
Director of National & Major Accounts
Ron Shanas rshanas@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2928
Identifix Sales Managers
Brad Parks bparks@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2132
Dean Derflinger dderflinger@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2086
Kim Morales kmorales@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2039
Michael Wiltrout mwiltrout@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2157
Scott Brown sbrown@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x 2129
Training & Development Manager
Carla Jewell cjewell@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2091
Market Area Representatives
Angela Patton apatton@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2090
Antonio Sampson asampson@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2329
Bobby Coffman bcoffman@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2060
Brandy Sutton bsutton@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2075
Brushon Mason bmason@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2128
Bryan Boren bboren@identifix.com 800-745-9649 X2172
Bryce Henderson bhenderson@identifix.com 800-745-9649 X2030
Charles Orr corr@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2328
Chris Scribner cscribner@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2015
Chuck Jarvis cjarvis@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2084
Connie Collier ccollier@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2057
DaJaun Franklin dfranklin@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2319
Daniel Eggen deggen@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x6261
Daniel Rubadue drubadue@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2065
Darren Stuart dstuart@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2002
Denise Woods dwoods@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2159
Derek Devers ddevers@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2342
Ed Laney elaney@identifix.com 800-745-9649 X2130
Eugene Trammell etrammell@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2046
Eugene Pasinski epasinski@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2322
Fiona Farias ffarias@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2076
Garry James gjames@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2083
Gary Underdahl gunderdahl@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2085
Howard Zayon hzayon@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2040
J Heiser jheiser@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2116
Jake Charrette jcharrette@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2338
James Jones jjones@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2344
Jay Adelstone jadelstone@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2081
Jean Oveson joveson@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2016
Jebron Thompson jthompson@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2070
Jed Simper jsimper@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2067
Jeff Meyer jmeyer@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2055
Jericha Deaux jdeaux@identifix.com 800-997-9649 x2161
Jim Proietty jproietty@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2126
Jim Zierse jzierse@identifix.com 800-745-9649 X2173
Joel Tenbusch jtenbusch@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2318
John Lawrence jlawrence@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2136
John Robinson jrobinson@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2082
Judy Wax jwax@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2103
Julie Hebert jhebert@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2041
Justin Korf jkorf@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2102
Justin Koetter jkoetter@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2303
Kathleen Harper kharper@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2108
Keith Miller kmiller@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x3059
Keith Johnson kjohnson@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2325
Lee Jarombek ljarombek@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x3195
Lita Stein lstein@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2049
Mark Pavlidis mpavlidis@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2307
Matt Wilson mwilson@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2052
Michael Alston malston@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2182
Michael Harris mharris@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2346
Mike Horowitz mhorowitz@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2166
Mike Panaro mpanaro@identifix.com 800-745-9649 X2155
Paul Morelli pmorelli@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2326
Ralph Jones rjones@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2314
Ramses Montoya rmontoya@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2184
Richard Dube rdube@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2023
Robert Bratton rbratton@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2327
Russell Fox rfox@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2340
Russell Mayes rmayes@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2312
Scott Eckert seckert@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2125
Sean Greene sgreene@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2320
Sonia Pasinski spasinski@identifix.com 800-745-9649 X2175
Steve Zolina szolina@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2302
Susan Blake sblake@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2179
Suzanne Schlichting sschlichting@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2309
Vernon Donald vdonald@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2324
Wil Metzger wmetzger@identifix.com 800-745-9649 X2074
Dealership Sales Manager
Barry Thompson bthompson@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x3189
Spanish Sales Manager
Jaime Noriega jnoriega@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2014
Sales Administrator
Heather Rerecich hrerecich@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2028
Leslie Floyd lefloyd@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2916
Susan Sawmiller ssawmiller@identifix.com 800-745-9649 x2003


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